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LSDA — Office Overview, Roles and Requirements

Posted: April 28th, 2020, 12:03 am
by Ronald Corrigan

The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office is the chief prosecutorial agency in the County of Los Santos. Members of the District Attorney’s staff strive to vigorously, effectively, and fairly prosecute all those who break laws in Los Santos County and see that those convicted are appropriately punished.

The office’s top priority is the prosecution of violent and dangerous criminals – murderers, rapists, gang members, child abusers, and robbers among them.

Attorneys, known as Deputy District Attorneys, prosecute more than 25,000 serious crimes called felonies throughout Los Santos County each year.

They also prosecute roughly 58,000 less serious crimes known as misdemeanors in unincorporated areas and in 11 of the state's 14 cities. These cities include outer county cities, such as Fort Carson, Las Payasadas, Angel Pine, among others.

Deputy District Attorneys are prosecutors who represent the people of the State of San Andreas. They review investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies and decide whether there is sufficient evidence to file criminal charges. They also decide what charge or charges, if any, are appropriate based on the evidence presented. Prosecutors handle court proceedings, including trials, that may follow the filing of criminal charges.

The Los Santos County District Attorney’s Office maintains a staff of sworn peace officers, known as DA investigators, who conduct some of the most unique, sensitive, and complex criminal investigations.

DA investigators function primarily to provide prosecution support to Deputy District Attorneys. They locate and process witnesses and conduct supplemental pretrial investigations to help strengthen the prosecution’s case. In some cases, such as those involving public corruption, they conduct their own independent investigations.

More than 100 clerical and support staff round out the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. They include victim services representatives, who assist and guide crime victims through the criminal justice system. Among them are paralegals and press information officers to assist with day-to-day office operations.
— Responsibilities:
  1. The Deputy District Attorney is a prosecutor and officer of the court.
  2. Is required to attend court and present cases before the Superior Court on behalf of the People of San Andreas.
  3. Has the ethical and moral responsibility to ethically prosecute public offenses and promote the application of impartial justice.
  4. Arranges and organizes criminal investigations with the goal of pursuing a suit or action in court.
  5. Works in conjunction with law enforcement and peace officers who gather evidence where probable cause exists of a public offense being committed.
  6. Takes part in LSDA investigations.
  7. Must graduate the Prosecutor Certification Course upon finishing their probationary period.
— Requirements:
  1. A genuine desire for public service.
  2. Strong moral and ethical values, a sense of justice.
  3. AALS-certified Juris Doctor Degree (from any faculty in the United States).
  4. Must be registered and licensed with the State Bar of San Andreas*.
  5. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  6. Must reside in San Andreas.
  7. A resume showing relevant experience when available.
  8. Good mental health and ability to work under stress.
  9. Ability to multi-task; great analytical skills.
  10. Excellent knowledge of the law, the government code, the San Andreas Constitution, the San Andreas Penal Code and San Andreas statutes.
— Benefits:
  1. Attractive salary with a gradual increase counted by years of service.
  2. Job security.
  3. Excellent healthcare and dental plans.
  4. Paid maternal leave.
  5. Flexible hours upon graduating the Prosecutor Certification Course.
  6. Paid medical leave and holidays.
  7. Excellent practice experience.
  8. A sense of moral and ethical pride; representing the interests of society through justice.
  9. Experience in government, public discourse, and negotiation; interacting with government officials and law enforcement on a frequent basis.
PARALEGAL (SALARY RANGE: $35,556-61,488/yr)
— Responsibilities:
  1. The paralegal is a subsidiary and support position of the LSDA.
  2. Ensuring timely coordination of court cases and necessary information pertaining to prosecutorial affairs.
  3. The review of evidence in court suits and ensuring the correct appropriation of said evidence to the Superior Court; preparation of case discovery phase.
  4. Assist Deputy District Attorneys in preparing and analyzing cases.
  5. Draft correspondence on behalf of Deputy District Attorneys; file legal documents as needed.
  6. Prepare court calendars.
  7. Ensure good communication and management of office staff coordination through secretarial means.
  8. Contacting court staff, law enforcement personnel, defense attorneys, and witnesses as directed on behalf of a prosecutor.
— Requirements:
  1. Excellent organizational and creative problem-solving skills are essential.
  2. Detail-oriented with the ability to follow directions and apply proper policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  3. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access).
  4. Ability to learn, update, and edit existing proprietary applications, and quickly learn and use various computer systems.
  5. Ability to work independently with frequent interruptions, manage deadlines, and adapt to changes in workflow.
  6. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  7. Must reside in San Andreas.
  8. A resume showing relevant experience when available.
  9. Bachelor's degree in relevant fields (LAW DEGREE NOT REQUIRED).
— Benefits:
  1. Attractive salary with a gradual increase counted by years of service.
  2. Job security.
  3. Health and dental plans accounted by years of service.
  4. Paid maternal leave.
  5. Excellent experience in legal matters; experience in government affairs.
  6. Can be an active law school student.
  7. Participate in legal matters without state bar registration.
— Responsibilities:
  1. Establishing and promoting transparency with the public on behalf of the Los Santos County District Attorney's Office.
  2. Relaying important information to the public when relevant to a public affair of the LSDA.
  3. Preparation of newsletters and public service announcements.
  4. Creating and releasing fraud, fugitive, and information request alerts.
  5. Organizing press conferences; act as an intermediary between the LSDA and the media.
  6. Managing and updating LSDA social media accounts; responding to messages.
— Requirements:
  1. Excellent written and spoken English.
  2. Great analytical and social skills.
  3. Ability to work long hours under heavy scrutiny; good stress management.
  4. Must have a Bachelor of Public Relations or equivalent from an accredited faculty.
  5. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  6. Must reside in San Andreas.
  7. A resume showing relevant experience when available.
— Benefits:
  1. Attractive salary with a gradual increase counted by years of service.
  2. Job security.
  3. Health and dental plans accounted by years of service.
  4. Paid maternal leave.
  5. Excellent Public Relations experience; coming in contact with media outlets, law enforcement, and government personnel on a frequent basis.
  6. Representing the image of the Los Santos County District Attorney's Office.


The PEF is the first stage of the LSDA employment process; those seeking employment with the District Attorney's Office must file a preliminary set of questions which will then be reviewed by the Human Resources Division to determine if the applicant is eligible to reach the second stage of the process.

Applicants must file the CE-101 form and the medical form attached below. Questions must be answered truthfully and will be subject to a background investigation.

Please note the following disqualification criteria before filing an application:
  • Applicant has consumed, cultivated or distributed illegal substances;
  • Applicant has committed a misdemeanor or felony;
  • Applicant has an outstanding warrant;
  • Applicant has a history of abuse or violence;
  • Applicant suffers from a mental disability or psychiatric disorder, rendering them unable to carry out cognitively difficult tasks.
Applicants must elaborate on their medical history in the medical form attached to the CE-101 form.

ATTENTION: The e-mail address attached to the CE-101 form must be actively used by the applicant.


The WCE is the second stage of the LSDA employment process; after an application is accepted by a Human Resources Division handler, a written examination elaborating the applicant's competencies, moral values, ethics, and motivations will be sent to the e-mail address attached to the CE-101 form as a PDF file. The filing of the examination is done through Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Applicants who wish to advance into stage three must provide adequate effort and high-quality answers. Punctuation is a must. Allow up to 48 answers to receive an answer; if you do not receive your results in that timeframe, return a formal e-mail to your handler.

(( The examination is done through a forum PM. When receiving the examination, you must answer all sections found; when finished, reply with the form given to the same handler who sent it to you. ))

The interview is the third stage of the LSDA employment process; after passing the WCE, the applicant will meet their application handler or Human Resources Division employee in-person to carry out a formal employment interview. The applicant's oratory and social skills will be reviewed.

Applicants who have reached this stage shall attend their scheduled interview at the Anthony Guidone Criminal Justice Center at 1850 Mulholland Drive, Vinewood 343, Los Santos, wearing formal attire. Preparation done in advance on behalf of the applicant is heavily encouraged.

The final review is the last stage of the LSDA employment process; after finishing all other stages, the Human Resources Division supervisors, along with the District Attorney or the Assistant District Attorney, will decide if an applicant is deemed suitable for employment with the Los Santos County District Attorney's Office.
FULL-TIME — Applicants who are applying for the position of Deputy District Attorney are considered full-time employees of the LSDA.
PART-TIME — Support staff, such as paralegals, coordinators, and press information officers are considered both part-time and full-time, depending on the discretion of the employee upon signing their contract.
PCC — Aspiring prosecutors who are not registered with the San Andreas State Bar may enter the Prosecutor Certification Course along with Probationary Deputy District Attorneys in preparation for their SA-BAR examination. Students will be graded as support staff (paralegals) and will participate in courses at the Anthony Guidone Criminal Justice Center, assist in active cases, and read given course materials and take part in a final examination. If the in-house examination is passed, the student shall file their registration with the San Andreas State Bar. Students who fail to register, or, fail the examination that follows, will fail the PCC and their contract with the Los Santos County District Attorney's Office will be terminated. The Course may be repeated only by repeating the entire application process.

The Prosecutor Certification Course lasts one month. A fair and equitable employer

Re: LSDA — Office Overview, Roles and Requirements

Posted: April 30th, 2020, 10:05 pm
by Ronald Corrigan

Before submitting your application, please check if you meet any of the disqualification criteria found below.
The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office management may deny any application on Out-of-Character grounds when deemed necessary to do so.

Please do not apply if you:
  1. Have faced punishment in the past for leaking internal faction information from any legal faction;
  2. Have been banned from LS-RP in the past 6 months;
  3. Have been permanently faction banned from a legal faction;
  4. Have been temporarily banned from a legal faction in the past 6 months;
  5. Have been admin-jailed within the last 3 months;
  6. Have a poor community reputation or an irresponsible attitude;
  7. Do not possess adequate English skills;
  8. Are unable to provide adequate roleplay.
Forward your concerns to LSDA management; if you meet one of the above, you may private message the DOJ: Executives user-group on the forum and explain your situation so it can be discussed by the faction's leadership. This does not guarantee your entry or your ability to submit an application. If you have leaked faction materials in a different faction or the staff team in the past, you will not be considered.

The Los Santos County District Attorney's Office is committed to providing the highest standards of roleplay and realism. If you apply for the LSDA, you are heavily encouraged to create strong character development and be ready to justify In-Character previous employments, experiences, tenures, and so on. For example, if your character was part of a Virginia tort law firm be ready to come up with a realistic portrayal of a former tort law attorney and having a basic understanding of that context. If your character was part of the military, be ready to justify the service, unit, basic research on the function your character had, and so on. Application handlers can inquire about your character's development at any time based on your application, a poor justification for said developments will be taken into account and will impact your acceptance into the faction.

We will not accept characters that have been in more than 2 factions/used in faction-hopping, disorganized development and have been around since 2010. While we appreciate in-game developments of your character, we do not see characters that have been firefighters, former military, former law enforcement, former state government, and former something, all at the same time, feasible for our needs.

You do not need in-game character development for creating a well-developed character. A brand new level 1 character with very good development, good justification for said development, and realistic progression done by a competent community member will be much preferred over a character used in 10 different factions.