[FastTrax] Shizume Hyougen

This section is used for the Los Santos County District Attorney's Office hiring process.

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Applications for the Los Santos County District Attorney's office are found here.
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[FastTrax] Shizume Hyougen

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Application for Employment Cover Sheet


Section I
Personal Information

  • Title: Mr.
  • Surname: Hyougen
  • Forename: Shizume
  • Sex: Male
  • Ph Number: 1792019
  • Home Address: 998 Winona Avenue, Idlewood, Los Santos 415, San Andreas
  • (( Link to LS-RP Forum Account: ACCESS ))
  • (( noxli4224 ))

Section II

  • Do you possess a valid San Andreas State Drivers License?:
  • Do you possess a valid San Andreas State Taxi License?(Or agree to get one upon employment?):
  • Previous Employment History:
    Mostly trucking.
  • Why do you want to join FastTrax?:
    I am looking for a job so I am able to pay my house's bills, I've not gotten any decent job offers so I decided to apply here.
  • Have you ever been convicted of any Felonies?:

Section III

I Shizume Hyougen, agree that all answers given in this application were answered correctly or to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to give Globex Capital and any company under their Corporation the access to check my criminal history and background records, for the purpose of potential employment only.

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