Lieutenant Governor Francis Underhill

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Frank Underhill
Lieutenant Governor
Lieutenant Governor
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Lieutenant Governor Francis Underhill

Post by Frank Underhill » July 30th, 2020, 1:19 pm

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Phone number: 1-800-GOV
Email address: [email protected]
Office address: 1601 Verdant Hill, Verdant Bluffs, Los Santos 313, San Andreas

Francis Underhill currently serves as San Andreas' Lieutenant Governor, a long-term Republican and a recognizable face within San Andreas. Before joining Governor Bryant's cabinet as LT. Governor, Underhill served as Secretary of State under former Governor Jerry Richardson and continued his term following Bryant's election. Prior to that, Underhill served as one of Los Santos' Republican Mayors, Chief Deputy Secretary of State nad most notably as a State Senator for multiple districts. In the Senate, Frank Underhill served multiple continious terms and at some point was the longest-serving Senator in the chambers. He was also nominated by his coullegues to serve as President pro Tempore multiple times.

Before he became an elected official, Underhill served in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer - completing two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. A receiver of the Distinguished Service Award for his actions during Operation Anaconda, where he saved the life of fellow uniformed servicemen in a hostile situation, risking his own life in the process. Underhill was dismissed from his duties in July 2004, following the deaths of his wife and their newborn child in a vehicle collision.

He is a graduate of the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, where he studied Electrical Engineering.

  • 2017 Speaker Nominations - Underhill (Jep Appelo was appointed President Pro Tempore)
  • Election of President pro Tempore - Underhill (Underhill was appointed President Pro Tempore)
  • S. R. 005-18 Election of President Pro Tempore - Yea (Underhill was appointed President Pro Tempore)
  • S. B. 001-18: Market Remodel Act - Nay (Act did not pass)
  • S. R. 003 - Senate Special Committee on Firearms Licensing (FLC) - Yea (Committee created)
  • S. B. 002-18 The Silva Act of 2018 - Yea (Act passed but was vetoed)
  • (amended version);S. B. 002-18 The Silva Act of 2018 - Yea (Act passed but was vetoed)
  • (author):S.B. 003-18: The Sex Offenders Act of 2018 - Yea (Act passed)
  • S. B. 011-18: Licensing Ordinance of 2018 - Yea (Act passed)
  • (author);S.R. 008-18 - Chairperson Selection (Daniel Calhoun was appointed Chairman)
  • S.B 014-18: Modification of the San Andreas State Constitution - Yea (Act passed)
  • S.B 015-18: Modification of the San Andreas Penal Code - Gambling - Yea (Act passed)
  • S.B 013-18: Modification of the San Andreas Penal Code of 2018 - Yea (Act passed)
  • (author);S.R. 007-18 - Continuity of Senate Discussions - Yea (Resolution passed)
  • (author);S.B. 020-18: State Security Act of 2018 (Act withdrawn)
  • (author):S.B. 025-18: Sovereign Immunity Act of 2018 - Yea (Act passed)
  • 2018 Speaker Nominations - Underhill (6 votes for Underhill, 2 for Palermo - Underhill was appointed President Pro Tempore)
  • (author):Committee's Amendments in the Standing Rules - Yea (Act passed)
  • (author):S.R. 001-20: Coronavirus Special Committee - Yea (Resolution passed)
  • (author):2020 San Andreas Healthcare Reform Act - Yea (Act passed)



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