[WC-1] Wahab Cab: Cab Driver [CLOSED]

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[WC-1] Wahab Cab: Cab Driver [CLOSED]

Post by Abdullah Wahab » January 16th, 2019, 3:48 pm

Wahab Cab is one of the most reliable, trustworthy cab company out there in Los Santos offering a productive work environment, employee benefits, and more for all our employees. Abdulrahman, Abdullah and Yusuf Wahab originally founded Wahab Cab with the goal of starting the first transportation company in Los Santos that provides adequate transportation services for an affordable price that the citizens in Los Santos can afford.

Wahab Cab is currently HIRING - 2525 Alta Avenue, Temple, San Andreas
Standard Requirements
  • Must be nineteen years of age or older.
  • Good communication skills, the ability to interact with others on a day to day basis.
  • Obey traffic laws and practice defensive driving.
  • Hold a valid San Andreas issued Driver's License.
  • (( Ability to access & use discord for OOC communication. ))
  • (( Must have a character level (3) or higher. ))
  • (( Must be able to properly roleplay, have somewhat decent English skills and maintain a character with proper character development. Trolls, sub-par roleplayers, and rule-breakers will not be welcomed into Wahab Cab. Wahab Cab is a taxi company, with the sole purpose of providing good roleplay to the server and to those who are interested in roleplaying around cab industries. ))
Company Benefits
  • All employees will receive a salary of $10.36 per hour ((1,500 per paycheck))
  • Professional and healthy environment that provides trainings courses for all employees that are employed at Trial Driver. We offer both a safety course and a introduction course!
  • Company issued vehicles for employees that cannot afford their own vehicle. Wahab Cab will pay for the employee's taxi license exam, and will provide the cabs for our employees to operate.
  • Wahab Cab has a professional management team who are normally available around the clock to deal with company affairs, and sort out any issues that may arise with employees. Our management team is active, friendly and productive.
  • Promotion and bonus opportunities, Wahab Cab, offers a variety of different ranks and salaries per employee. All employees have the opportunity to be promoted and are entitled to many different benefits provided by the company including health and vehicle insurance.

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[WC-1] Wahab Cab: Cab Driver [OPEN]

Post by Abdullah Wahab » January 16th, 2019, 5:20 pm

Application Instructions
  • When you decide to apply, make sure the title of the application is [Wahab Cab] First Name & Last Name. Upon submission of your application, you automatically grant Wahab Cab permission to run a background check for employment purposes only. (( We encourage those interested in Wahab Cab to join our discord server for OOC communication, the invite can be found here ))
  • After submitting an application you will be placed under the status of REVIEW for the management of Wahab Cab to proceed with a background check and so fourth. (( If you're having trouble scheduling an interview feel free to PM your application handler to have it sorted. ))
  • (( Click "SELECT ALL" and copy the application format, then redirect yourself here click me and click "NEW TOPIC" at the top left and paste in the format. Fill in everything then submit the application. ))

Code: Select all

 [Wahab Cab] First & Last Name

Code: Select all

[CENTER][color=#d2aa6d][SIZE=130][b] [WS-001] Wahab Cab: Cab Driver [/b][/size][/center][/COLOR][justify]
[*] Title: 

[*]Full Name: 




[*]Date of Birth: 

[*] Phone Number: 
[*] Do you currently own a Cab?
[b]Yes [ ]  No [ ] [/b]

[*] Are you currently unemployed?
[b]Yes [ ]  No [ ] [/b]

[/list] [line][/line]
[CENTER][color=#d2aa6d][SIZE=120][b] (( OOC SECTION ))[/b][/size][/center][/COLOR][justify]
LS-RP Forum Username: [url=LINK TO PROFILE]FORUM_NAME[/url]
I, NAME, understand that my application can be denied for any reason found necessary by our Human Resource division, and a background check will be done to confirm everything mentioned in this application is accurate.

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Re: [WC-1] Wahab Cab: Cab Driver [OPEN]

Post by Abdullah Wahab » May 6th, 2019, 5:17 pm

Interview Instructions

Wahab Cab: Interview
Dear Applicants,
  • You have successfully passed the application stage and will now be contacted within the upcoming days for an interview regarding employment in a Wahab Cab for the position of Trial Driver.

    The interview will be held by a member of our Human Resources division and will take approximately 25-30 minutes; however, this may be extended. We ask that all interview applicants remain respectful during the interview and bring proper identification which can be either a state issued drivers license and or a passport.
    • We ask that all candidates are dressed in some professional attitude throughout the interview, and present themselves respectfully and professionally.
    • Weapons of any sort will not be allowed in our headquarters. Please reframe from bringing anything that might be identified as a weapon to avoid being removed from the interview stage.
    • (( The purpose of the interview stage is to properly evaluate the roleplay abilities and English skills of our applicants. You are expected to roleplay properly throughout the interview and demonstrate decent English abilities to increase your chances of being accepted. ))
    Wahab Cabs HQ is located at 2525 Alta Avenue, Temple, Los Santos, San Andreas.

    (( Wahab Cab Discord - join our discord server and request the “PENDING INTERVIEW” roles if you’re having trouble getting an interview scheduled.))

Wahab Cab Human Resources
Wahab Cab Management


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