[AutoSpex] John Doe (Example)

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[AutoSpex] John Doe (Example)

Post by Edgar Isidro » December 7th, 2018, 6:18 pm


Application for Employment

Section I
Personal Information

  • Title: Mr.
  • Surname: Doe
  • Forename: John
  • Sex: Male
  • Ph Number: 0164
  • Home Address: 418 Mulholland Dr.

Section II

  • Do you possess a valid San Andreas State Drivers License?:
  • Do you have basic knowledge of '11(4)Parking Violation' in the penal code?:
  • Previous Employment History:
    Mechanics 'R' Us Repair Company, Cluckin' Bell
  • Why do you want to join AutoSpex?:
    I want a career I can benefit from. I'm good with my hands and have experience working on vehicles. I often encounter vehicles parked all over the road and have seen first hand the potential danger they cause from their obstruction to the flow of traffic. I understand the importance of clearing those roads and how safe it can be to traffic, in helping prevent traffic accidents. I also understand that there's a never ending need for mechanics in Los Santos and want to be able to offer my help with a company that I know will provide me with full benefits and hourly pay on top of what I make as a Mechanic.
  • Have you ever been convicted of any Felonies?:

Section III

I [JOHN DOE], agree that all answers given in this application were answered correctly or to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to give Globex Capital and any company under their Corporation the access to check my criminal history and background records, for the purpose of potential employment only.

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