PSA #8 - Verona Mall Parking Ordinance

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PSA #8 - Verona Mall Parking Ordinance

Postby Molniya Dyatlova » January 11th, 2017, 10:29 pm

Los Santos City Government - Office of the Mayor
2, Pershing Square
Los Santos, SA 97447

DATE: 1/11/2017
SUBJECT: Verona Mall Parking Ordinance

The Los Santos City Government, at the request of the Los Santos Police Department and other agencies, has composed an ordinance which clarifies the legality of parking at the Verona Mall property, to include the grass area across the road.

  • All parking must remain in compliance with the Penal Code parking clause (11)04. (can be found HERE), to include but not limited to parking in a proper manner along a curb or parking spot, facing proper direction, and obstruction of other spaces.
  • Emergency Vehicles are exempt from the parking ordinance.
  • Vehicles found parked in violation of this ordinance will be impounded at the owners expense.
  • Parking on the sidewalk infront of the mall is not permitted.
  • Parking on the grass, or entirely obstructing the sidewalk is not permitted.
  • Parking that obstructs any of the parking spaces is not permitted.


BLUE - Areas where parking is permitted.
RED - Areas where parking is NOT permitted.


The point of contact for this Public Service Announcement is:

Molniya Alekseevna Dyatlova
Executive Advisor to the Mayor of Los Santos
Assistant Chief of Staff Molniya Alekseevna Dyatlova

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