VACANCY - 004/ SPECIAL ASSISTANT (Currently occupied.)

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VACANCY - 004/ SPECIAL ASSISTANT (Currently occupied.)

Post by Ignoto101 » October 5th, 2017, 10:04 pm

Special Assistant, Los Santos County District Attorney
Job Details
Salary $50,300- $63,000 per year.
Job Type Full-time
Job Number 005
Location Market, Los Santos
Bureau Staff
Position Summary
  • Provide advice to the current ruling person of LSDA, the District Attorney.
  • Ability to maintain a high standard of work and a respectable etiquette.
  • Be able to maintain strong relations with and co-ordination with other prosecutors and staff while serving as Assistant for the District Attorney.
Desirable Requirements
  • Mandatory, United States citizen status, have lived in San Andreas for at least 3 years prior to application and be aware of their community.
  • Ability to work under duress, long hours and high stress environments.
  • Effective communication skills to convey a consistent commercialization vision to internal and external constituents.
  • Highly self-motivated and professional, communication and negotiating skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations.
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Re: VACANCY - 004/ SPECIAL ASSISTANT (Currently occupied.)

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