[OSI] Stefano Ferrucci [REJECTED]

Stefano Ferrucci
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[OSI] Stefano Ferrucci [REJECTED]

Postby Stefano Ferrucci » December 28th, 2016, 6:21 pm



This section checks your basic eligibility like criminal record, age and educational background.
(( To fill a checkbox, change [cb] to [cbf] and [/cb] to [/cbf] ))

    1.01 Full Name: Stefano Ferrucci
    1.02 Date of Birth: 21/SEP/1990
    1.03 Residence Address: #1 Alamosa Avenue, Marina, Los Santos 313, San Andreas
    1.04 Contact Number: 1618677
    1.05 Country of Origin: United States
      1.05(2) If 'Other', are you a registered U.S. citizen?:
    1.06 Occupation/Employer: Private Investigator, Quantum Global Holdings.

    1.07 Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?: No.
      1.07(2) If yes, what was the most serious conviction for?:
    1.08 Licenses held:
      San Andreas Driver's License
      Purchase a Firearm (PF) permit
      Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit
      San Andreas Guard Card (GC) permit
    1.09 Do you have any driver warnings against you?: No.
      1.09(2) If yes, how many?: None.
      1.09(3) Has your license ever been revoked?:No.
    1.10 Have you ever been diagnosed as physically or mentally disabled by a certified health official?: No.
    1.11 Have you ever had a heart attack, stroke, or other serious health-related condition?: No.
    1.12 Have you ever been diagnosed with cancer?: No.
      1.12(2) If so, have you been free of cancer for the past five years?: N/A
    1.13 Are you currently banned from any government agency?: No.
      1.13(2) If so, why, and when will your ban be lifted?: N/A

This section allows you to explain why you want to join the OSI, and what (if any) relevant experience you have. You will be expected to put effort into this section.

    2.01 Why do you wish to join the Office of State Investigations?:
      I wish to join the Office of State Investigations to take the next step in the right direction. With my experience in Oculus, I feel as if that I can do better, so to say, with joining the Office of State Investigations. During my time in Oculus, I always felt that I could make a bigger impact on what I can do with my skills and experiences. I believe that joining the Office of State Investigations will make a noticeable impact on the current employees, helping them with their work etc. Joining the Office of State Investigations would make a large impact on my life, for the good in fact. I figured that I should give it a shot seeing that I have the needed qualification and requirements for to physically apply for the Office of State Investigations. If I was to be another addition to the team, it would be a good addition to say the least. There is very few people with such qualifications and experiences.
    2.02 What sets you apart from other potential employees?:
      From my personal perspective and well being, the one thing that shins through about me is my current experience that I obtain with Oculus in Quantum Global Holdings. I use initiative to my advantage, always keeping myself busy with tasks and investigations. If I didn't have something to do in my free time I would put something into place to fill that time gap, such as taking on another investigation on a person of interest, whoever it may be. Law enforcement or not, I would just choose a person. Also, My experience with the San Andreas Penal Code also shines through. I have studied the San Andreas Penal Code in great detail just to familiarize myself with it. My hard work and dedication is something that is really makes me stand out from other potential employees. To conclude, my hands-on experience with Oculus is what sets me apart from other potential employees.
    2.03 What could you bring to the Office of State Investigations if you were hired?:
      I can personally bring a handful of things to the Office of State Investigations. I have a set amount of skills and experience that could help the Office of State Investigations in their line of work. That being my experience in field work, due to my occupation being a Private Investigator with Oculus, Quantum Global Holdings. With my experience and set skills, I could offer a variety of things to the Office of State Investigations. Those being my loyalty and activity, experience in the field, how determined I am and how much of a hard worker I am. Again, I believe my experience in Oculus with Quantum Global Holdings should portray my key abilities and skills that I can offer you.
    2.04 Have you ever been a part of a law enforcement agency?: No.
    2.04(2) If so, please list below your agencies, your highest rank, and your employer: None.

    2.05 How much experience do you have with the San Andreas Penal Code?:
      I am familiar with the San Andreas Penal Code of course, I am a law obeying citizen. Also taking into consideration that I am currently working with it, so to say.
    2.06 In your view, what does the Office of State Investigations do for the government?:
      In my view, the Office of State Investigations handle criminal investigations on behalf of the State Legislator, Office of the District Attorney, office of the Attorney General and Office of the Governor. They handle matters in regard to state security and acts such as terrorism and many more.
    2.07 Do you have any recommendations from current employees of the Department of Justice, or serving law enforcement officers?:

      Contact Number:

      Contact Number:

      (( Name:
      Contact Number: ))

      (( Name:
      Contact Number: ))

    This section details all the boring, but very important, legal stuff. Make sure you read and understand it.

      The Department of Justice may come to be involved with information that could potentially cause distress or unrest to a person or group of persons. I do swear that I will not undermine the integrity of the Department of Justice by releasing, or causing the release of, classified information without the prior written consent of the (Deputy) Attorney General. I understand that I may come across disturbing scenes or may find myself in a situation where I may come to serious harm. I acknowledge that this is part of the risk in being an investigator with the Office of State Investigations, and I will not hold the Department of Justice accountable for any injury, illness or distress that is caused as a direct result of my role in the line of duty. I acknowledge that the Department of Justice reserves the right to terminate my employment for any reason at any time.

      3.01 I do agree to the above terms and have read and fully understand them.

      Signature: _Stefano Ferrucci_
      Date: _28/12/2016_


    4.01 LS-RP Forum Name: TClark
    4.02 Are you currently in any official faction?: Yes, Quantum Global Holdings.
      4.02(2) If so, do you have double faction permission from your leader?: No, because I shall leave the faction if I was to get accepted.
    4.03 Please post a screenshot of the admin records of all of your characters:
    4.04 Have you ever been removed from a faction?: No.
      4.04(2) Which faction were you removed from, and why?: N/A
    4.05 Are you currently banned from any official faction?: No.
    4.06 Have you ever been given an OOC suspension from a faction?: No.

The Department of Justice reserves the right to keep copies of this document for any purpose. On submitting this document to the Department of Justice, you accept that, to the best of your knowledge, all information is correct and nothing has been altered, hidden, or fabricated. The Department of Justice will not share your personal information with anybody without proper legal procedures.

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Re: [OSI] Stefano Ferrucci

Postby Sophie Thyne » December 28th, 2016, 7:31 pm

Darnell Murphy wrote:

San Andreas Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General

Darnell Murphy
Attorney General

All recruitment is on hold until stated otherwise. All applicants currently in the process will remain on hold and will continue to be processed after internal housekeeping decisions are made.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Darnell Murphy

Deputy Attorney General Sophie Thyne
San Andreas Department of Justice


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Re: [OSI] Stefano Ferrucci [ON HOLD]

Postby Ashton Winger » January 1st, 2017, 5:48 pm



Dear Mr. Ferrucci,

    Your application to join the Office of State Investigations has been rejected for the following reason(s):

    • Criminal record, misconduct while in the public eye, not suitable for position.
    You may NOT re-apply when recruitment opens again. If you have any further inquiries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me on 1-800-JUSTICE.
Director of Investigations Ashton Winger
Office of State Investigations
San Andreas Department of Justice

Special Agent - Ashton Winger
Special Bureau of Investigation

Director of Investigations Ashton Winger
Office of State Investigations

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