PR#73 - UN#013 - Barriers a homeless person faces (INTERVIEW)

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PR#73 - UN#013 - Barriers a homeless person faces (INTERVIEW)

Postby Europa Lyra » June 19th, 2017, 2:48 pm

Barriers a homeless person faces.
PR#74 - 6/19/2017

First and foremost, introduce yourself to us.
Alright, my name is Adam Bramsta, I am 34 years old.
Where are you from? tell us your background.
I live in harsh enviroments in Winona Avenue. I am originally from Indonesia, I moved to LS since I was fifteen. My parents worked for a very poor industry in the music category, so we decided to move in to LS for a change.
And how is it like, living in the LS?
It is very difficult for me to live in LS, I can hardly find a job.. money for food, without a degree I can't find a proper work place even as a trucker.


Tell us the toughest thing you are experiencing in LS at the moment.
The toughest thing is finding a job, especially now since I don't have parents to support me.. also the toughest thing I have encountered, is to understand the people. It's too hard to understand the local communities because they always speak wiht slang.. and the toughet of all is, I have no friends. The reason I am staying in LS, is knowing that my parents got raided by gangsters in Crenshaw.. I have my mind to revenge 'em.
And how are you planning to do that?
No idea, I think I can't.. I have no friends, no knowledge about them.
What is your primary concern(s) in life?
No money, no food, no parents, no friends. I have to keep going through garbage cans to find some food..


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